Intuitive eating – the healthy way to a feel-good weight

Euphoria turns into frustration after more or less a short time, when the lost kilos and even more are back.

If you have had enough of this, you will find interesting clues in the concept of “Intuitive Eating” that will gradually lead you out of this problem.

In combination with a type-appropriate, healthy diet, as recommended by Traditional Chinese Medicine, this is the ideal combination for me to achieve and maintain a comfortable weight in the long term.

The concept of “Intuitive Eating” essentially follows 10 principles that support the body in enjoying food as a source of energy that makes it fit and satisfied.

End of diets

At the beginning of a diet there are success messages and euphoria, because the kilos tumble and the motivation is strong. The scale shows satisfactory results.

After more or less a short time the pendulum changes, you no longer want to submit to the diet dictate, the living conditions become stressful and the old eating habits are there again and usually also the lost kilos. This means frustration and this is often compensated by eating, which leads to the famous yo-yo effect.

So forget about diets and instead find a type-appropriate diet that satisfies and satisfies you. This primarily means listening carefully to your body and finding out what triggers a good gut feeling and reducing things that only trigger appetite, but then lead to bloating, flatulence or other digestive problems.

Pay attention to your feeling of hunger

Find out when you are really hungry and when it is only emotional hunger. Hunger is a serious signal with which the body demands energy, especially for the brain. Take regular meals so that the energy does not drop too much, which leads to cravings. The number of meals varies depending on your type of constitution, find your own rhythm.

The Chinese medicine recommends regular, warm meals, so that always sufficient Qi (life energy) is produced for the supply of the body. If the stomach growls, there is already a deficiency, which leads to hot hunger attacks and often results in overeating.

Make peace with your food

There’s no good or bad food. “The dose makes the poison,” as Paracelsus said. Make sure you have a varied, seasonal diet, but don’t chasten yourself and don’t forbid yourself to eat food. Anything you are not allowed to have has a special attraction for us, and if we weaken, we will feel guilty afterwards. Stop it! Treat yourself consciously to stimulants. In moderation and without a guilty conscience. And once you have hit the strands, proceed according to the principle: “Fall, stand up, straighten the crown and go on”.

Stop the Food Police

As mentioned in point 3, there’s no such thing as bad food. But our psyche often tries to convince us that this is the case. Black pedagogy is just as out of place when it comes to eating as it is in raising children. Banish your negative thoughts. Eat consciously and listen to your body.

Discover your feeling of fullness

Who eats slowly and attentively is more easily able to feel a feeling of satiety. In Chinese medicine, the recommendation is to consciously sit down to eat and hide everything else. Take conscious breaks while eating and enjoy the chewing, the taste sensations and the pleasant feeling when the body is full and satisfied.

Finish the meal when you are full, even if the plate is not empty. The leftovers can be a welcome snack at a later date.

You will notice that you have to eat far less to get full if you concentrate on eating instead of eating out of habit, perhaps watching TV, reading or playing computer games.

Discover the satisfaction factor

Just as a baby falls asleep blissfully after being breastfed, we also feel satisfied and balanced after a pleasurable meal. Enjoy this feeling and take enough time for each meal. Set the table beautifully and turn it into an experience that releases happiness hormones into your body. In this way, food nourishes body, mind and soul.

Learn not to balance emotions with food

Since food is strongly linked to our emotions and can cause feelings of happiness, we tend to “eat away” negative feelings. Fear, grief, boredom, anger, loneliness cannot be solved with food. You may step into the background by eating for a short time, but in the long run eating cannot solve any emotional problems.