Lose weight healthy and tasty – have a good time!

For the new year the plans are often big – the dream figure should be reached. Do you want to start the new year with a few pounds less? You can do that in a relaxed way, without starving and above all healthy and tasty!

Especially at the beginning of the year you are often highly motivated to change your life completely, to eat healthier, to get fitter, maybe you dream of the perfect summer figure. For this reason, the run on the fitness studios is booming at the beginning of the year and diets reach their peak. But often the initial motivation quickly fades away because the desired results are not shown quickly enough.

With a healthy diet to your desired weight

To counteract this, it makes more sense not to focus on promising diets, but to take a closer look at your own diet, gradually integrate a different diet into your everyday life and thus reduce your weight in a relaxed and healthy way. This is much more sustainable and, in the long run, healthier for the body than weighing a few kilograms less in the short term – it is therefore much more about a healthy diet with protein-containing products.

And MeinQ proves that healthy food can also be delicious with its campaign “Quality Time – make a conscious decision to have a good time”. Because with MeinQ products, it’s child’s play to integrate more protein into your diet, which ensures a long-lasting feeling of fullness. Protein is the best and healthiest food source in the diet. Because protein automatically stimulates the metabolism, because one third of the calories that are in protein are burned again on the spot.

Protein-rich foods help you lose weight

The delicious and extra creamy Fitness-Quarks are particularly suitable for it, which are all characterised by High Protein, Low Carb as well as Low Fat.

The strawberry, vanilla, blueberry and peach-passion fruit varieties, which are perfect for a fruity start to the day or a tasty snack for in between, make it extra delicious. All of them contain more than 12 grams of protein per 100 grams of quark, less than three grams of carbohydrates and less than one gram of fat.

With the yoghurt MeinQ Fitness-Base Natur, there are no limits to creativity – you can add fruit as you like and give the yoghurt its very own taste. MeinQ also offers two fitness puddings in the flavours chocolate and vanilla – perfect as a low-calorie dessert or if you feel like something sweet!

By the way, MeinQ is the fitness product with the highest protein content on the market and therefore keeps you full for a particularly long time – thanks to the plus in whey protein and only 0.4 percent fat (applies only to the fitness fruit quark and the natural quark) and without the addition of granulated sugar.

Sport, mindfulness and a healthy diet for long-term success

So why not combine quality time, enjoyment time and tasty recipes with MeinQ? Perfect for an easy start into 2019 and a more relaxed body feeling. MeinQ accompanies you through the day: from breakfast with a delicious bowl, to a delicious protein-based dessert with MeinQ pudding after lunch, to dinner with herb curd! MeinQ products are the perfect companion for a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Have you ever thought about changing your diet to Low Carb in order to maintain your weight in the long term? A diet based on the low carb principle drastically reduces the intake of carbohydrates – protein- and fat-rich foods, on the other hand, are almost unlimited. This is to ensure that the body obtains more energy from protein instead of carbohydrates. Perfect in combination with MeinQ products!

Interval fasting is also a way to regulate weight. With the chamfering method 16:8 it concerns a daily time span, in which nothing is eaten. In other words: you can enjoy your meal for eight hours, the remaining 16 hours of the day are paused. The longer meal break provides the digestive tract with a break and the body switches the metabolism in the best case to a combustion, which draws the required energy from the fat reserves and not from the carbohydrate stores of the body.

But you should also integrate careful eating into your daily routine if possible. By being more attentive and conscious, you can better feel into your body and notice what you really need. If you train your body awareness, you can more easily tell whether you are really hungry or whether the desire for something to eat is triggered by another factor such as boredom or stress. You know when you are really full and choose foods that are good for you. So consciously take time to enjoy your meals, sit down at rest at fixed times and do not eat between doors.

If you combine a healthy diet and more attentiveness with sport, you can achieve long-term success. Find a sport that’s right for you, whether you’re taking a class at the gym, swimming, jogging, skating with friends or doing Pilates or Yoga at home. It is important that you also find your personal rhythm during sport, which you can really keep up permanently. And if at the beginning you simply walk longer distances or take the stairs instead of the escalator – you will enjoy getting more exercise in your everyday life!