Our Story

Founded in 2010, The Fruitgrass Company specializes in all-natural drink powders to enhance your general well-being. Our flagship product – Fruitgrass® – offers a convenient way to enjoy the fruits of the earth traditionally used by cultures around the world for their superior health benefits, and is packaged to make it simple and easy to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

We believe that your health is your greatest asset. And to maximize our products’ benefit to you, we formulate our blends with the purest, most potent superfruits and supergreens from the best leading sources. Whenever available, we select organic ingredients first.

The Fruitgrass Company’s Founder and CEO started out as someone looking to augment the medical field’s approach to her own treatment for breast cancer. Her goal was to use natural remedies to supplement the common medical treatments and to reduce their negative side effects. As a lawyer, she naturally took to researching many herbs, vitamins and nutrients — nothing unknown or concocted in a laboratory — but potent, pure and natural superfoods that have been used for generations to ward off ailments, enhance the immune system with rich antioxidants, and to cleanse the body of toxins and metals in the environment. She began with a crude mixture which only the dire sick would be happy to drink. And while that gritty blend of green mud did wonders for her, it was a bit hard to swallow. But blessed with Divine guidance and the desire to share with others the benefits of her discovery, she set on a path to formulate the perfect superfood drink, one perfect for everyone’s palate.

After almost two years of product research, testing, trial and error, Fruitgrass® was finally born. The Fruitgrass® of today is a tasty, powerful mix of wonderful superfruits and supergreens synergistical blended to target whole body health.

We hail from Decatur, Georgia (the Berkeley of the South), but we still embrace our naturopathic influence from a Northern California breeding. We have combined our belief in natural wellness with our learned experience that adding a good tonic to your daily routine will help give you the fortitude you need to face the stresses, toxins and health and environmental challenges we face each day.

It is our passion to share with you the benefits that we know come from good and wholesome natural supplements. And and it is our hope that Fruitgrass® will be your choice for a convenient, nourishing way to enhance your good health and that of your loved ones.

Please look for additional nutritional blends from The Fruitgrass Company in our not too distant future.

Yours in Health, The Fruitgrass Company, LLC